Tomahawk's Tribe

Will you be a part of the tribe?

Tomahawk's Tribe was started in 1995 to accelerate the development of Lake Tomahawk. The concept was to enlist a core group of Tomahawk supporters who would commit to give $10 or more per-month over their tithes and offerings to camp development. That concept has not changed. At the beginning of 2007 we have approximately 74 active Tribe members. Our needs continue to change as we seek to improve service to campers. More Tribe members are needed. If you are already a member, invite someone to join for as little as $10 a month.

To members of Tomahawk's Tribe, we say "thank you!" To those who are just learning about Tomahawk's Tribe, we say "come join us!"

If you would like to become a Tomahawk's Tribe Member Click here and fill out each blank. In the Comments section please type in " I want to become a tribe member". We will contact you soon to get you signed up.

Other Ways You Can Help

A gift for the support of Christian camping at Lake TomahawkChristian Retreat Center is a gift that "keeps on giving." There are many ways to give to the work God is doing at Lake Tomahawk.

* Stocks
* Real estate
* Life insurance policies/dividends
* Individual retirement annuities
* Memorial gits
* Gifts of equipment and materials
* Corporate gifts
* Bequest through a will
* Volunteering

Keep in mind that each gift has certain tax advantages depending on your overall financial situation. You should consult a professional advisor for the most beneficial form of contribution.

For more information, please call Lake Tomahawk toll free at 833.341.2333 or 936.563.4644

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